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What Is CIDManager, If you have a Samsung device, you probably got a message saying “New Service Provider.” Also, you’ve thought more than once about what the message means. The CIDManager, a built-in Android app like Rootpa on Samsung devices, sends you the notification.

While many people and forums think that the Cid Manager app stores your device’s network carrier number, it doesn’t. The app does a lot of different things, and knowing them might help you like it more. You also need to know how to deal with the message that pops up when something happens, why it happens, and what it means. This article will tell you how to get rid of the CIDManager app and tell you if it is malware or spyware.

What is the Android app CIDManager?

Before we can talk about what the CIDManager Android app does in detail, we need to know what it is. The CID Manager is an Android app that is already on Samsung phones and tablets. It lets the phone match the network providers of the device with their countries of origin so that the device can get updates.

This kind of update is important because it has to do with the device’s firmware. Without it, the device would never work well. They are also specific to a country, which is why you need to match codes to get to them.

How do you use the CID Manager?

The way CIDManager works is kind of complicated. Every device has a country of origin or an OEM (Original Design Manufacturing) country. It will have a different carrier network or service provider depending on the country where it is used.

To get firmware updates, there are codes that link the service provider to the ODM country. These numbers are called country-specific codes (CSC).

The CIDManager Android app has the number of the service provider and acts as a bridge between the carrier network and the ODM country so that country-specific firmware updates can be found and accessed.

What Does It Mean to Have com.android.cidmanager?

Every Android app has a unique identifier extension that lets it get into the Play Store or Apple Store and helps people find it. When you download the app, you must use the same extension.

Even though built-in apps are usually not sold in stores and are put on a device by their developers, Also, each app has its own unique identifier extension, which is used to tell it apart from other apps.

How do I know if the CID Manager app is on my device?

We’ve talked about what the CIDManager app is in the previous paragraphs, so you might be wondering if your device has it. Obviously, if you have a Samsung device, you already have the app, even if you can’t see it.

There is also an app for other devices made by different companies that connect their carrier networks to their country of origin. These apps go by different names, though.

The CIDManager is an Android app that is already installed and runs in the background to get new information. It runs in the background, so you can’t see it among the other apps.

If you’re not sure if you have the CID Manager app and want to be sure, follow these steps. If you look at the Activity Log on your phone, you will see that the CIDManager is one of the apps that run in the background.

What rights does the CID Manager need to be able to do his job?

The CIDManager is easier to use than some other apps that need multiple permissions to work. It only needs one permission to work, which is phone permission. By letting them use the phone. The Cid manager can get every piece of information about the phone that it needs to work.

Conclusion of What Is CIDManager

The CID Manager is an app that is already on Samsung devices. helps the device find and get firmware updates that are specific to a country. Even though some people say it is a virus, spyware, or malware like OMACP, the app is safe. But the “New Service Provider” error can be annoying because it creates a loop that doesn’t need to be there. Force-stopping the app is the best way to fix the problem. You can use Settings to get there and clear its cache. You could also turn off the app or remove it by using ADB uninstallation or Titanium Backup.


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