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MOVIE NAMEJinne Jamme Saare Nikamme 

Duration: 132 minutes

Director: Kenny Chhabra

Movie Cast: Binnu DhillonJaswinder BhallaSeema KaushalManinder SinghPukhraj BhallaArmaan AnmolDeepali Rajput and Bhumika Sharma.

jinne jamme saare nikamme review

It is a film that inevitably touches your heart. It is a story about poor children who have to live their own lives and then have to take care of their elderly single parents. Movies prove traditional values ​​even in modern times.

Although the story is a bit cliche for Indian audiences, the film makes a larger point about how modernization affects a traditional Punjabi family. It’s about how parents view their children’s world and do everything they can to help their children live life to the fullest, and how these children turn into selfish babies.

Jaswinder Bhalla plays the patriarch of the house. He lives in a village in Punjab with his wife (Seema Kaushal) and elderly parents and leads a happy life despite being abandoned.

His four grown-up sons are Barinder (Binnu Dhillon), a real estate agent from Chandigarh; his Second son Jaggi (Maninder Singh) works as an assistant to a local politician and MP. Her third son Aman (Pukraj Bhalla) studies in Chandigarh but spends most of his time meeting his lover. The youngest, Sundi (Armaan Anmol), is a social media addict. They are all busy with their own lives.

On their eldest son Barinder’s birthday, Jaswinder and his wife visit their son in Chandigarh at his wife’s request. Because of their resentment, they were shut out of their lives. An angry Jaswinder refuses to look his wife in the eye and steals her serious look while she is busy seeking forgiveness for her sons. On his last day before leaving Chandigarh, Barinder realizes that he hasn’t spent quality time with his parents and forces them to watch a movie. An elderly couple is watching the Hindi movie ‘Badhai Ho’. This sparks an idea for Jaswinder and he uses it to make himself feel better.

With an occasional joke, the story takes a very circuitous route to get its message across. The lead cast of Jaswinder Bhalla and Seema Kaushal is excellent. They make a great pair and their on-screen chemistry is palpable. Binnu Dhillon as Barinder looks a bit out of place compared to the other three as brothers.


Deepali Rajput, Barinder Baani, and Bhumika Sharma as Aman’s love Sonia are competent and essay their characters convincingly. The other actors provide good support through spontaneity.

The film is smartly edited with average production values. Aerial shots enhance the visual impact of the film. Overall, this is a lighter version of the screaming melodramas of the late 1960s.

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